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U.P AKTU Students Left in Limbo as carry Over Exams Results Face Delay. The impacted students claim that the postponement in result declaration is causing them to lose out on numerous job prospects. In Lucknow, a significant number of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU) students face the imminent risk of losing employment opportunities. Many have had their job offers deferred until they can furnish their degrees. Additionally, some students are unable to pursue further education elsewhere due to the university’s delay in announcing results for their carry-over papers (COP) from the December and early-year examinations.


U.P AKTU Students

The carry-over examinations are held after the regular course results are announced. Students who pass the exam with the minimum required marks proceed to the next semester.

Ayush Pandey had a carry-over paper in digital electronics, and this backlog is causing him to miss out on numerous job opportunities. He pursued computer science and engineering (AI) and has faced rejections from several companies due to this outstanding paper.

Sanket Singh asserts that the results for his carry-over papers have not been announced, despite the exam taking place in January. He stated, “The software company I’m applying to requires the complete results along with the professional certificate.”

Students claim that the university’s examination department is experiencing a significant setback and appears to be struggling to regain control. The university administration has taken proactive measures by providing alternate arrangements and announcing the results of the semester examinations. However, they have yet to release the results for the carry-over examination that took place in January.The recent turmoil in the university has significantly disrupted the operations of the examination department.