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“Harmony in Society: Extending the Family Unit, Samadhan, Samridhi, Abhay, Sah Astitva as Comprehensive Human Goals”

This statement explores the concept of society as an extension of the family, and introduces four key goals – Samadhan, Samridhi, Abhay, and Sah Astitva – as comprehensive objectives for individuals within this societal framework.

  1. Harmony in Society as an Extension of Family:
    • This notion posits that the principles of unity, understanding, and mutual support found within a family should be extended to the broader community or society. It emphasizes the importance of fostering harmonious relationships and collective well-being among individuals.
  2. Samadhan (Resolution):
    • Samadhan refers to the goal of finding solutions to conflicts, challenges, and issues that arise within a society. It involves effective problem-solving, mediation, and conflict resolution techniques to promote peace and understanding among community members.
  3. Samridhi (Prosperity):
    • Samridhi encompasses the objective of ensuring the overall well-being and prosperity of individuals within a society. This goal includes economic prosperity, access to basic needs, education, and opportunities for personal and collective growth.
  4. Abhay (Fearlessness):
    • Abhay focuses on creating an environment where individuals feel secure, free from fear, and protected from physical, emotional, and psychological harm. It involves establishing a sense of safety and security for all members of the community.
  5. Sah Astitva (Coexistence):
    • Sah Astitva emphasizes the value of coexistence, recognizing and celebrating the diversity of individuals within a society. It promotes inclusivity, tolerance, and mutual respect for different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.

These comprehensive human goals collectively aim to create a society that thrives on mutual understanding, shared prosperity, security, and the recognition of the intrinsic value of each individual. Achieving these objectives fosters a sense of unity and well-being among community members, ultimately contributing to a harmonious and flourishing society.