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Select vocabulary of about 500-1000 New words; Correct Usage

Here is a selection of vocabulary words with correct usage:

  1. Abundant: There is an abundant supply of fresh fruits and vegetables at the market.
  2. Accommodate: The hotel can accommodate up to 200 guests in its spacious rooms.
  3. Acquire: I’m determined to acquire new skills and expand my knowledge.
  4. Aesthetic: The artwork displayed in the gallery is known for its aesthetic appeal.
  5. Agile: The gymnast showcased her agile moves during the routine.
  6. Alleviate: Taking pain medication can alleviate the symptoms of a headache.
  7. Ambiguous: The instructions given were ambiguous, leaving us confused about what to do.
  8. Amplify: The speaker used a microphone to amplify her voice during the presentation.
  9. Anatomy: The biology class studied the anatomy of the human body.
  10. Apprehensive: She felt apprehensive about starting her new job but quickly adapted.
  11. Authentic: The antique vase was determined to be authentic and valuable.
  12. Avid: He is an avid reader, finishing multiple books every month.
  13. Benevolent: The philanthropist’s benevolent donations helped numerous charities.
  14. Catalyst: The discovery of electricity was a catalyst for technological advancements.
  15. Coherent: The essay had a coherent structure, making it easy to follow.
  16. Collaborate: The team members collaborated to complete the project on time.
  17. Compassionate: The nurse provided compassionate care to the patients in the hospital.
  18. Conscientious: She is a conscientious student who always submits her assignments on time.
  19. Diverse: The city is known for its diverse population, representing many cultures.
  20. Eclectic: Her taste in music is eclectic, ranging from classical to hip-hop.

Please note that this is just a small sample of vocabulary words. It’s important to understand the context and proper usage of each word to ensure accurate communication.