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In Lucknow, a workshop was organized under the guidance of Chancellor Prof. J.P. Pandey on Wednesday at Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU) to establish incubation centers in colleges of Meerut Zone as part of the One District One Incubation Center initiative.

Directors and principals of institutions from districts in the Meerut Zone affiliated with the university participated. They were briefed about the process of establishing incubation centers.

Dr. Anuj Kumar Sharma, the Head of Innovation at ESO, explained in detail about the process and management of establishing an incubation center. He also provided information about the benefits of becoming an incubation center.


Additionally, information was shared about government-initiated schemes and financial assistance funds for incubation centers and startups. It was mentioned that through incubation centers, not only students but also local innovators can be encouraged to start startups.

Ritesh Saxena, the manager of the Innovation Hub

This will not only help students become self-reliant but also create new job opportunities. Ritesh Saxena, the manager of the Innovation Hub, talked about the Startup Policy 2020. He said that creating eight companies is most important.

Establishing incubation centers will benefit institutions significantly. Let us tell you that the university is committed to setting up incubation centers in all its affiliated institutions to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. This will help cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among students. Additionally, students can contribute to realizing the dream of a self-reliant India.