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The affiliation status of the College of Stuck under AKTU remained unresolved by the specified deadline of July 31. Consequently, new colleges were unable to secure affiliation during this period. Concurrently, the Supreme Court directed the Technical University to address the affiliation issues concerning AKTU’s colleges, which still remain unresolved.

AKTU failed to reach a decision by the prescribed deadline of July 31, resulting in the inability to grant affiliation to new colleges. Meanwhile, the Technical University did not receive relief from the Supreme Court, further jeopardizing the admission of 1.32 lakh seats for the 2020-2024 academic session. Consequently, the university administration is once again gearing up to approach the Supreme Court for resolution.

AKTU was to complete the process of extension of affilation of old colleges and affilation of new colleges by July 31 as per the all India Council for Technical Education norms But AKTU could not complete this process The AICTE website claims that all colleges have been cleared by their level by june 30

AKTU had also one month’s chance for affiliaton but could not take decision of affiliation on affiliation of new and old engineering colleges till july 31

After  this AKTU sought extension from AICTE refused Some affiliatie colleges had applied for relief in the Supreme Court nut did not get relief.